Westinghouse Electric Company, Tecnatom and Accelerant Solutions have signed a Teaming Agreement to launch a nuclear training programme for utilities in the USA and Canada. The Nuclear Excellence Academy (NEXA) will leverage the companies’ knowledge of industry standards and digital technology innovations to provide in-person, digital and on-demand training for nuclear personnel at American and Canadian utilities.

“NEXA offers a solution to utilities seeking to retain and hire nuclear professionals who have the highest qualifications. The training will be standardized to fit the needs of all utilities,” said Francisco Sanchez, Tecnatom Vice President of Safety, Operation and Training. Engineering company Tecnatom has been providing innovative and reliable services to the nuclear sector since 1957.

The partnership brings together the industry expertise of Westinghouse and Accelerant Solutions with Tecnatom’s digital products and services. The aim is to offer the current and future nuclear fleet a comprehensive and efficient solution for training needs.

"This agreement ensures that centralised nuclear training delivered through NEXA is innovative, cost- effective, and compliant,” said, Accelerant Solutions President Billy Mack. Accelerant Solutions has more than 17 years’ experience providing of consulting and training services with partnerships with all 28 US utilities that operate NPPs.

“NEXA uses a digital platform to optimise the learning process, enhancing competencies, worker engagement, and performance excellence for the long-term,” said Pamela Cowan, Westinghouse President of Global Engineered Systems & Solutions. Westinghouse supplied the world’s first commercial pressurised water reactor in 1957 and its technology is the basis for almost half the world's operating nuclear plants.

Image (from left to right): Billy Mack, Accelerant Solutions; Pamela Cowan, Westinghouse; and Francisco Sanchez, Tecnatom (coourtesy of Westinghouse)