Norway’s Norsk Kjernekraft has signed an agreement of intent with Mo Industripark, situated in the town of Mo i Rana, Northern Norway, for the delivery of large quantities of emission-free energy. In November Norsk Kjernekraft submitted a proposal to Norway's Ministry of Oil & Energy for an assessment of the construction of a power plant comprising multiple small modular reactors (SMRs). 

Mo Industripark has a growth strategy that facilitates both new establishments and strengthened competitiveness for existing industry requiring access to large amounts of clean energy in the coming decades.

By deploying one or more such SMRs in the area, Mo Industripark can be supplied directly with both electricity and process heat. In addition, this can help ensure that Northern Norway's other electricity supply, employment and settlement can be secured throughout the nuclear power plant's lifetime, which can be as long as a hundred years, according to Norsk Kjernekraft.

“Without access to enough clean energy, industry in Norway will have major problems, and at the same time we feel that the political will is not present to realise sufficient energy quickly enough,” said Mo Industripark CEO Arve Ulriksen. “We have seen only in recent weeks how industrial companies have to give up as a result of high energy prices. That is why we are very happy to have established a collaboration with Norsk Kjernekraft.”

He added: “- With a nuclear power plant located close to industry, we will have stable access to clean energy, without requiring large investments in grid capacity. In addition, everything is in place in Mo Industripark to be able to utilise the surplus heat from such a power plant.”

Jonny Hesthammer, managing director of Norsk Kjernekraft said it is “both pleasing and a clear signal that one of Norway's largest industrial players wants to collaborate with Norsk Kjernekraft”. He added: “Mo Industripark has had an important role in the green shift in Norway and we are now taking a leading position in this field. We look forward to further cooperation and to beginning the dialogue with municipalities, residents and other potential partners in the region."

Image: (L) Jonny Hesthammer, Managing Director & (R) Sunniva Rose, Communications Director, Norsk Kjernekraft, with Arve Ulriksen, Managing Director of Mo Industripark (M) at the signing of the agreement (courtesy of Norsk Kjernekraft)