Rosatom and Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (NRU MGSU) are setting up a new nuclear engineering institute (Credit: Rosatom)Rosatom and Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (NRU MGSU) are setting up a new nuclear engineering institute.

On 23 October, 2020, a Roadmap was signed establishing the Institute of Engineering and Construction of Nuclear Facilities. The agreement was signed by: Gennady Sakharov, Director for Capital Investments, State Construction Supervision and State Expertise at Rosatom and Pavel Akimov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Acting Rector of NRU MGSU.

The  goal of the Roadmap is to create an effective system of interaction in the field of vocational education, research, scientific and technical and expert and analytical activities to develop the construction complex of the nuclear industry.

The document provides for cooperation in a number of areas and provides for measures to develop the educational infrastructure for training specialists for "professions of the future". These include:

  • development of the Arctic, Northern Sea Route;
  • radioactive waste management;
  • decommissioning of nuclear facilities;
  • life cycle management of capital construction facilities using BIM technologies.

Measures for organising joint work for training scientific personnel for nuclear include:

  • organisation of production (technical sciences);
  • mathematical modelling, numerical methods and program complexes (technical sciences);
  • system analysis, management and information processing (technical sciences);
  • building materials and products (technical sciences).

Gennady Sakharov noted the practical importance of the new cooperation between Rosatom and Moscow University of Civil Engineering in view of the scale and constant expansion of nuclear construction programmes both in Russia and abroad.

“The most acute problem in construction is the lack of professional managers. So far, specialists at this level are not being trained in Russia or elsewhere in the world. And the management of mega-projects, which are being implemented by Rosatom all over the world, has its own peculiarities.” Therefore, one of the key areas of cooperation will be targeted, training and retraining of highly qualified personnel at the institute through professional exchange programmes and student internships.

“Rosatom is the most dynamically developing company. Its main resource is not natural resources, but people, their intelligence, knowledge and skills,” Sakharov noted.

Earlier, in 2012, an Agreement on Interaction and Cooperation was signed between a private Rosatom institution, OCKS, NRU MGSU. Under this agreement more than 200 people were trained; more than 1000 employees of nuclear enterprises were trained under the programmes of additional professional education; joint research projects were implemented in the field of geotechnical monitoring, scientific and technical support for the design and construction of facilities; and joint events to popularise consruction were held. More than 500 students from NRU MGSU received their first professional experience as part of student construction teams in the construction of infrastructure facilities in the nuclear industry,

Photo: Rosatom and Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (NRU MGSU) are setting up a new nuclear engineering institute (Credit: Rosatom)