US-based NAC International (NAC) has received certification for the OPTIMUS®-L version of its versatile OPTIMUS (OPTImal Modular Universal Shipping) transport packagings from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). NAC received certification from the CNSC on July 24 for its OPTIMUS-L packaging, designed for contact handled-transuranic waste (TRU), intermediate-level waste, low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuel wastes, and other contents typically shipped as Type A(F) or Type B.

NAC is also currently seeking CNSC certification for its OPTIMUS-H packaging, which is capable of shipping low-level waste such as remotely handled-TRU, used fuel, and other intermediate- and high-level waste.

NAC’s OPTIMUS was developed to provide a better, more adaptable, and economical solution for radioactive materials transportation campaigns that until now had limited options for packaging and were transported in large casks. The smaller modular OPTIMUS packagings can be configured for optimal site access, loading, and shipping and provide versatility for shipping a range of nuclear materials.

Kent Cole, NAC’s President and CEO said: “Certification in Canada of our OPTIMUS-L packaging opens up a new more versatile and lower-cost option for companies and government agencies to transport nuclear materials safely and efficiently. The smaller size and greater adaptability of the OPTIMUS transportation packaging designs makes them economical choices for transporting a wide variety of waste materials.”