MAGNASTOR system (Source: NAC International)

Dominion Energy’s Kewaunee nuclear power plant has awarded NAC International a full-scope contract for spent fuel dry storage using its MAGNASTOR system. The 556 MW Kewaunee station permanently shut down in May 2013 and is now preparing for decommissioning.

Under the contract, NAC will provide licensing, hardware, dry storage facility design and construction, and fuel loading operations for the Kewaunee project. NAC is teaming with Sargent & Lundy for ISFSI design engineering, NAES Power Contractors for construction, and Westinghouse Electric Company for cask loading operations.

A total of 24 MAGNASTOR systems will be required to completely defuel the Kewaunee used fuel pool. (Each stores 37 assemblies).

NAC said that the Kewaunee project is NAC’s sixth dry storage decommissioning project to date. To date, MAGNASTOR systems have been loaded at three U.S. reactor sites, and approximately 70 additional systems are scheduled for loading in 2014. The Kewaunee contract is NAC’s fifth MAGNASTOR System award worldwide and the third award in which a U.S. plant has transitioned from another technology to the MAGNASTOR System. The Kewaunee award brings the total MAGNASTOR commitments to 160 systems.

The MAGNASTOR System received its initial NRC storage certification in February 2009 and NAC began delivering the systems to customers in July 2010.

Photo: MAGNASTOR System (Credit: NAC International)