The harbour testing of Russia’s floating NPP (FNPP) Akademik Lomonosov began on 1 July in accordance with its construction schedule. They will check performance of the vessel and whether her equipment and systems meet the design parameters. Sergey Zaviyalov, head of the Directorate for Building and Operation of Floating Nuclear Co-generation Plants, said the testing would be carried out in line with new technological arrangements and combined with outfitting works in the refuelling system rooms, equipment and engine rooms.

"These would require good organization and increased safety from the shipbuilding yard," Zaviyalov stressed, adding that nuclear utility Rosenergoatom, the customer for the FNPP, would control the process round-the-clock. Alexei Kadilov, director general of the Baltijskiy Zavod, where the FNPP was built, noted that the harbour testing was taking place"more than a year before the release of FNPP to the customer". He said this would "help eliminate possible deficiencies in operation of systems, equipment and mechanisms".

The testing is expected to be completed by 30 October 2017. Akademik Lomonosov should be ready for transportation by the end of 2017. In September 2019 Rosenergoatom plans to tow the FNPP to the city of Pevek in Chukotka where it will be permanently moored after which it will undergo further testing and will be formally commissioned. The necessary infrastructure is currently under construction at Pevek.