Equipment has been shipped for Rooppur 2 in Bangladesh (Credit: AEM)The Petrozavodskmash branch of Russia’s AEM-Technologies has begun shipping the housings of the main circulation pumps for unit 1 of the Rooppur nuclear power plant in Bangladesh.

The equipment is delivered by road to St Petersburg, where it will be loaded onto a ship for transportation to the port in Bangladesh.

On 14 October, ZiO-Podolsk (also part of Atomenergomash) said it had manufactured and shipped a set of key equipment for unit 2 of the Rooppur nuclear plant. This included two tanks of the emergency core cooling system (ECCS) and two high-pressure heaters PVD-K-5 and PVD-K-6. The total weight of the equipment shipped for was about 400t. 

The ECCS tanks, each weighing 78t, are part of the passive safety system and deliver a solution of boric acid to the reactor core in the event of a coolant.

The high-pressure heaters, PVD-K-5 and -6, are elements of the turbine hall and weigh between 110t and 130t. They heat the feed water supplied to the steam generator by cooling and condensing the steam taken from the intermediate stages of the turbine.

Atomenergomash is supplier of all equipment for the reactor compartment and a significant part of the equipment in the turbine hall for the Rooppur NPP, which is being built by Rosatom with two VVER-1200 reactors. Rooppur 1 is currently scheduled to start operating 2023, followed by Rooppur 2 a year later.

Photo: Equipment has been shipped for Rooppur 2 in Bangladesh (Credit: Atomenergomash)