A second shipload of building materials and equipment has been delivered to Pevek (Chukotka) in Russia’s northeast Arctic region, where infrastructure is now being built to support the Akademik Lomonosov, the world’s first floating NPP (FNPP). On 24 September, In Pevek complete unloading of the second cargo ship with equipment for the world's first floating nuclear power plant

On 24 September, specialists completed unloading the 3,000t cargo and representatives of general contractor JSC Trest Zapsibgidrostroy began work on arrangement of the construction site. The cargo included more than 20 units of construction equipment, including seven units of special drilling equipment designed to work in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. A further 3,500t of building materials is scheduled to arrive on 3 October, the last delivery this year before the shipping routes are closed for the winter.

The FNPP is currently undergoing planned mooring trials for testing and compliance with design specifications of equipment in St Petersburg. The mooring trials are scheduled for completion in October 2017 after which the vessel will be transported to Pevek and connected to the coastal infrastructure. Nuclear utility Rosenergoatom expects installation to be completed and operation of the plant to begin in autumn 2019. Akademik Lomonosov will replace the Bilibino NPP and the Chaun thermal power plant which are to be retired.