Fuel loading at the world's first Westinghouse-designed AP1000 nuclear reactor at the Sanmen nuclear plant in Zhejiang province on China's east coast has again been delayed due to "safety concerns", the China Daily reported on 12 February.

Sanmen 1 was initially expected to begin operation in 2014. Westinghouse expected fuel loading to start last year, which would have been followed by six months of performance tests before full operation in 2018. However, fuel loading has now been suspended as China tries to ensure the project meets the highest possible safety standards, the China Daily said, citing a spokesperson with the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). 

While progress continues at nuclear plants being built by China and at the Tianwan station being built with Russian assistance, there have been a series of delays at the Sanmen and Haiyang, each with two AP1000s under construction, as well as the French-designed European Pressurised Reactor units being built at Taishan in Guangdong province.