Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) announced that the steam turbine generation facilities supplied for China’s Sanmen nuclear plant in Zhejiang Province have cleared all necessary functional, safety, and performance tests.

Sanmen 1 began fuel loading at the end of April 2018, and reached 100% power in mid-August. After clearing performance tests and achieving 168 hours of continuous demonstrated operation, the plant began commercial operation on 11 October.  

The turbine generators used at the plant have a 54-inch last stage blade. The turbines have a proven track record in Japan, but this is the first time they are being used in China.

Design of the turbine, heat exchanger, and auxiliary equipment were all provided by MHPS through a technology transfer agreement inked in September 2017. MHPS  supplied six low-pressure turbines, two high-pressure turbines, the main valves and other equipment for the two AP1000 units at the Sanmen nulcear plant. Harbin Electric Corporation was responsible for the turbine casing, heat exchanger, auxiliary equipment and other equipment. Mitsubishi Electric and Harbin Electric each supplied one generator.

Photo: Signing ceremony on 11 October confirms commercial operation of the turbines (Credit: MHPS)