Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI) has delivered the first pump set of total 34 units consisting of five models for units 1 and 2 at the UK’s Hinkley Point C NPP to Trillium Flow Technologies (Trillium). The pump sets are important rotary components which will support operation of Hinkley Point C comprising two European Pressure Reactors (EPRs) which is being constructed and will be operated by Nuclear New Build (NNB). NNB is a subsidiary created by EDF Energy to build and operate two new NPPs in the UK.

The pump set is one of most important components of a nuclear power plant, playing a central role in removing the heat from reactor containment and fuel pool in a serious accident situation, and high technology level is required to manufacture the pump set because design, examination and fabrication must be compliant with the requirement for class 3 equipment in RCC-M.

In this project, as the sub-contractor of Trillium, MHI is responsible for design and manufacture of all the pumps; Trillium is responsible for project management, purchase of motors, pre-installation testing, and delivery of pump sets. After the delivery, the pump set will go through pre-installation testing at Trillium and then be delivered to Hinkley Point C. The remaining pump sets will be delivered to Trillium sequentially.

Image: Construction on the Hinkley Point CC nuclear power plant started in 2017 (courtesy of EDF Energy)