Unit 2 of Russia’s Kalinin NPP was shut down on 30 July for scheduled maintenance, which will last 90 days in preparation for service life extension modifications, the plant said. It is planned to replace a series of important components to improve the safety and reliability of the power equipment including the complex electrical control system and reactor protection equipment automatic control of neutron flux, and the turbine condenser. The security system will also be modernised. The aim is to extend the life of the unit which is currently scheduled to close in November 2016. Unit 3 is also undergoing modernisation. 

The design service life of the unit expires in November 2016. The repair will take 90 days and will include bread modernization, in particular, replacement of electric equipment of the reactor control and protection system, automatic neutron flux monitoring equipment, turbine condenser, as well as full modernization of the third safety system of the unit.

Kalinin plant manager plant manager Mikhail Kanyshev was dismissed from his post on 25 July because of poor safety culture. He was replaced by Victor Ignatov, the former deputy plant manager of Balakovo NPP. In June at Kalinin NPP, during repairs of electrical equipment a short circuit occurred injuring two employees, one of whom subsequently died.