Swedish company Leadcold has signed a Letter of Intent with Ukrainian energy group NGSI (Neftegazstroyizolyatsiya) to investigate the conditions for delivering small modular reactors (SMRs) to Ukraine after the end of the war. The Letter of Intent aims to establish a strategic and operational partnership, which will start by investigating the conditions for building and operating small NPPs in Ukraine.

Leadcold is developing the SEALER-55, a lead-cooled fast compact reactor with passive safety. Each reactor will have a 55 MWe capacity, which can be increased by installing multiple units at the same location. The reactor designed with the smallest possible core that can achieve criticality in a fast spectrum using 19.9% enriched nitride fuel. Leadcold says the SEALER reactor is designed to maintain a maximum temperature of the lead coolant below 450°C, making corrosion of fuel cladding and structural materials a manageable phenomenon, even over a life-span of several decades. While the website has details of the overall design, the fuel and the safety features, it says nothing about the fast reactor technology – something which is currently only operating successfully in Russia.

“We are pleased to collaborate with NGSI to advance the future of nuclear power in Ukraine,” said Leadcold CEO Jacob Stedman. “Our cooperation is an important milestone in the efforts to stabilise and modernise Ukraine’s energy infrastructure after the war. We look forward to developing a joint plan with them, and collaborate around site engineering, implementation and training.”

The NGSI group, represented in the agreement through its subsidiary ITESU (Institute of Transport & Energy Systems of Ukraine), has long experience in implementing large-scale infrastructural energy projects in Ukraine and other countries. NGSI CEO Dr Alexander Itkin, said: “After assessing the range of innovative solutions for small modular reactors, we believe that Leadcold’s technical designs are the most suitable for the Ukrainian market. Our collaboration will represent a unique opportunity to combine our expertise in infrastructure energy projects with Leadcold’s innovative technology. Together, we will be able to deliver sustainable and secure energy solutions for Ukraine.”

NGSI offers comprehensive solutions in the construction and repair of pipelines for all purposes, and has carried out numerous large-scale projects for many of the leading oil and gas transport systems in its markets. With the expected reconstruction of Ukraine after the war, the company intends to diversify its operations to include SMRs.

Image: Leadcold is developing the SEALER-55, a lead-cooled fast compact reactor with passive safety (courtesy of Leadcold)