Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) has built a simulator at its Central Research Institute to verify the operational suitability of the Innovative Small Modular Reactor (i-SMR).

The i-SMR is being developed according to a development roadmap, with the goal of completing the standard design by the end of 2025 and obtaining standard design approval in 2028. It is a 190 MWe integrated pressurised water reactor NPP. The operation verification simulator will be used to verify design and operation suitability. , KHNP said results derived from the simulator operation process will be reflected in the standard design process, noting that the current simulator is an early version that reflects the concept and basic design of the i-SMR

The concept and basic design of the i-SMR was completed at the end of 2023, and standard design will be ready by December 2025. This will then be updated to reflect the standard design in the simulators it develops with the goal of completing the simulator in the first half of 2027. KHNP then plans to use it to continue verifying the operational suitability of the i-SMR standard design, and will use the verification results as additional data for standard design approval.

“We will focus our existing experience in developing large-scale nuclear power plant simulators and the capabilities of researchers at KHNP to help obtain i-SMR standard design approval by creating a high-fidelity simulator,” said Shin Ho-chul, head of the KHNP Central Research Institute.

KHNP has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Nusantara Power (a subsidiary of Indonesian Electric Power Corporation) to co-operate for the introduction and construction of the i-SMR in Indonesia. Co-operation will cover joint basic research on the economic feasibility and technology for deployment of the i-SMR in Indonesia; development of local specialised technology through R&D cooperation; and collaboration through human/technology exchanges in the nuclear field through the formation of a working group.

KHNP has also signed a MOU for co-operation with the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission on possible deployment of the i-SMR in Jordan. The MOU covers comprehensive technology and information exchange on the i-SMR and a joint feasibility study. Jordan is currently considering the introduction of SMRs after 2030.