Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) has developed the world's first system designed to prevent accidents in nuclear reactors and similar facilities. The Technical Specification Operator Support System (TOSS) is a web-based system that monitors the operational status of power plants in real time. It detects operational constraint conditions and alerts operators, providing guidance on verification, actions, and necessary measures. In addition, it digitises extensive operational technical guidelines, enabling automated search functionality.

Because it is web-based, the system also allows for easy implementation and accessibility. Operators can access TOSS from any location with an internet connection, enabling them to monitor the operational status of nuclear power plants remotely. This can help reduce the risk to operators and enhance operational efficiency.

KHNP has conducted a pilot operation of this system at units 1&2 of the Shin Wolsong NPP over the past three months, and it is currently in full operation. The plan is to implement this system in all power plants in future. Shin Ho-cheol, head of the KHNP Central Research Institute said that by applying the technology to all operational power plants, “operators will be able to easily acquire knowledge of operational technical guidelines and background information, thereby enhancing the safety of nuclear power plants”.

Image: Shin Wolsong nclear power plant (courtesy of KHNP)