Korean company KEPCO E&C has signed a contract with the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) to assess the suitability of the candidate site for Jordan’s first nuclear power plant.

The contract, which was signed on 30 October, is valued at around $15.3 million, KEPCO said. It follows a competitive tender, concluded in April, that involved bids from companies in seven countries, including the US, UK and Canada.

Over the next 24 months KEPCO says it will be tasked with assessing the site’s suitability, examining detailed site plans, conducting environmental impact assessments, and providing licensing support for site approval.

The assessments will be carried out in accordance with strict international standards, like those specified by IAEA, KEPCO said.

The proposd site for Jordan’s first reactor is Al Amra in northern Al Mafraq province, about 40 km from Amman.

Photo: KEPCO signs site studies contract with JAEC in October (Source: KEPCO E&C)