US-based Jacobs Engineering Group announced on 2 October that it has been awarded two four-year framework agreements by the UK’s Dounreay Site Remediation Limited (DSRL) to provide design and engineering services, and safety case production and peer review services. 

Jacobs is one of six firms eligible to tender under both framework agreements. Rhe £12-15 million ($15-19m) design and engineering services agreement covers design, construction management, specialist engineering services, environmental restoration, software modelling, commissioning support services and the development of waste strategy documents for DSRL. 

The safety case and peer review framework will see  £8-10 million of work delivered, and will include various levels of detailed safety reporting, radiation and fire assessments, as well as in-depth reviews of site safety and compliance.

The Dounreay site was the UK's center of fast reactor research and development of nuclear energy from 1955 until 1994 and is now Scotland's largest nuclear cleanup and demolition project. DSRL is seeking the removal of the site's nuclear legacy and its transformation into an eventual greenfield site. Jacobs said the experimental nature of many of its redundant facilities means the cleanup and demolition requires innovation as well as great care. 

Photo: The Dounreay nuclear site (Credit: NDA/DRSL)