US-based Jacobs has been awarded a two-year extension to its Stations Services Agreement (SSA) with EDF Nuclear Generation (EDF), operator of the UK's NPPs. This includes supporting the safe operation and maintenance of the advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR) stations which account for about 17% of the country's electricity output.

Jacobs will act as the prime contractor to deliver flagship projects, such as the overhaul of primary plant heating and ventilation systems. The SSA team also has an established reputation for troubleshooting and work delivery on many complex plant systems. EDF estimates the contract value of the April 2022 – March 2024 extension at more than $3 million.

Jacobs Energy, Security & Technology Senior Vice President Karen Wiemelt said: "We will assist EDF in maximising emission-free generation from these vital national assets for the remainder of their operating lives, supporting the transition to a net-zero economy, and follow-on transition toward defueling and decommissioning." The SSA contract, now in its fourth year, supports work for Jacobs' technical specialists embedded at power stations with the client's teams.