At the end of March, the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) announced a tender for the construction of a near-surface repository for low- and medium-level short-lived radioactive waste and project B25-2 for the connection of rainwater drainage networks to the existing infrastructure.

Proposals were accepted until 30 June and three were received. However, after considering the proposals, the INPP Public Procurement Commission rejected all proposals on the grounds that they exceeded the amount allocated for the purchase.

Given that paragraph 5, part 1, article 45 of the Law on Public Procurement of the Republic of Lithuania is not complied with, all proposals of suppliers must be rejected. The procurement process will be completed within a ten-day appeal period, after which information will be published in the central public procurement information system.

INPP said it plans to announce a new public procurement of works in the near future. Project B25-2 is funded by the European Union.

Lithuania's Ignalina nuclear power plant has two 1500MWe RBMK reactors and support facilities.  Ignalina 1 was shut down in 2004 and unit 2 in 2009 as a condition for Lithuania’s accession to the European Union and decommissioning is now underway.