France's Framatome has completed a project to modernise the safety Instrumentation & Control (I&C) system at Sweden's Forsmark 3, a 1170MW boiling water reactor.

Under a contract with Swedish utility Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB, a subsidiary of Vattenfall, Framatome supplied, installed and tested a new neutron flux measurement system for Forsmark 3.

The scope also included engineering and related services to perform the regular functional system tests as well as the associated upgrades to the simulator.

The new I&C assemblies for the neutron flux wide range monitoring system were designed and manufactured as modules and installed into the existing cabinets on site.

"The modular design with flexible mechanical integration solution makes the system very versatile applicable in all boiling water reactor plants worldwide," Framatome noted.

Frédéric Lelièvre, senior executive vice president in charge of sales, regional platforms and the I&C business unit at Framatome said the project in Sweden proved Framatome's competence to provide I&C upgrades to different reactor types.

"In Forsmark we used our specific know-how in boiling water reactors which includes not only the delivery of the components but also service to support installation, simulator integration, training and commissioning,” Lelièvre said.

Photo: The Forsmark nuclear plant