A Centre for Hydrogen Technologies has been established at Russia’s Power Machines, the company said on 30 July. The new structure should enable the company to master the technologies of storage, transportation, production and consumption of hydrogen. The centre's specialists will carry out research and development in this area, as well as coordinate with external research organisations.

In accordance with a long-term plan for the development of hydrogen technologies, the company expects to offer the market solutions in the field of electrolysis and hydrogen storage systems by 2024. By 2028, the Centre's developments should enable Power Machines to master the technologies for creating steam reforming units and pyrolysis units. The ultimate goal is to become a supplier of a full cycle of technical solutions for the production and consumption of hydrogen.

“Today we are on the verge of the hydrogen era, when the demand for such technologies will only grow,” said Power Machines General Designer Alexander Ivanovsky. “Power Machines sees this trend and our goal is to occupy certain niches in the production of equipment and the creation of technologies that are complementary to us. The creation of the Centre for Hydrogen Technologies on the basis of the company will contribute to the solution of this problem,” he stressed.