Horizon Nuclear Power,  the UK subsidiary of Japan's Hitachi, has been cleared to begin purchasing equipment for its proposed new nuclear power plant at Wylfa Newydd, after independent assessment organisation Bureau Veritas issued a Licensee Certificate for the procurement of long lead Items.

The first long lead Items, due for procurement in 2017 are the materials for: the hydraulic control units that form part of the reactor’s primary shutdown systems; the reactor pressure vessel; and the reinforced concrete containment vessel liner.

The certificate is valid for three years and will be re-validated on an annual basis until Horizon is granted a Nuclear Site Licence (NSL) by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR). Horizon will be applying for its NSL in 2017 and expects grant subject to the ONR’s approval, in 2018.

Horizon plans to deploy the UK ABWR (Advanced Boiling Water Reactor) at two sites – Wylfa Newydd, which is on the Isle of Anglesey, and Oldbury-on-Severn, in South Gloucestershire.