Hoppecke Industrial Batteries, the UK arm of the German company Hoppecke Batterien GmbH, on 13 September was announced as the supplier of batteries for safety systems at the UK’s Hinkley Point C NPP, under construction by EDF Energy. Hoppecke was chosen to supply batteries “after a lengthy evaluation process”, the announcement said. Hoppecke is a major supplier of nuclear power plant batteries that meet German KTA and international IEEE safety standards in Germany, Switzerland, China, Brazil and many other parts of the world. Hoppecke UK recently recruited Martin Waterton as its new reserve power account manager. Martin has vast experience in UPS systems, power quality monitoring, standby power for the power generation market, batteries and chargers and has worked for such companies as the energy management specialist B&S Group, the NiBS company and ADM Engineering. Jason Howlett, Hoppecke's Regional Managing Director – Northern Europe, said: “We can now set the wheels in motion for meeting the stringent requirements of the Hinkley Point C contract."