US-based engineering and workforce solutions company, GSE Solutions, has won a $15m contract to provide procedure and training support for a leading US NPP operator. GSE will review and update all the procedures and training programmes associated with a main control room modernisation project for two of the operator’s reactors. GSE plans to increase staff for this contract and should be fully staffed by the end of this year. Work is expected to be completed around the first quarter of 2025. Funds allocated for the contract depend on various deliverables and resources that are allocated to support each of the procedures and materials requested by the client.

The unnamed client’s modernisation project focuses on digitally transforming four major safety systems, including:

  • Reactor Protection System (RPS)
  • Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS)
  • Nuclear Steam Supply Shutoff System (NSSSS)
  • Redundant Reactivity Control System (RRCS)

These will all require operations and maintenance procedures and station training revisions over the next three years. GSE is tasked to write or modify over 5,400 procedures and revise and create approximately 2,800 lesson plans and test materials, including simulation training for the plant’s Operations & Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs).

“GSE has the expertise to deploy independent teams to handle the entire workload – allowing our clients to focus on their important day-to-day business operations, said Kyle Loudermilk, President & CEO of GSE Solutions. “Digital modernisation promises to be a major wave of investment sweeping the nuclear industry. We are honoured to win this critical project at the beginning of this investment wave and are laser-focused on performance to satisfy the customer fully.”