Full-Life Technologies says its subsidiary, Full-Life Technology Europe, has obtained a Nuclear Permit for a class IIA facility from the Belgium Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC – Federaal Agentschap voor Nucleaire Control), authorising the construction and operation of the facility, which will produce therapeutic radioisotopes.

“The Nuclear Permit is a significant regulatory milestone towards the construction of our radioisotope facility,” said Full-Life Technology Europe General Manager Philippe van Put. “Actinium-225 (Ac-225) has emerged as a highly promising, alpha-emitter isotope for use in radiotherapeutics to treat cancer, but demand has outstripped supply. The facility, when completed, will provide this radioisotope.” It will “support pre-clinical and clinical studies of our internal pipeline candidates”. It will also support “commercialisation of Ac-225 radiolabelled compounds to contribute towards addressing the urgent global demand for Ac-225 radiopharmaceuticals”.

He added: “Our comprehensive safety measures, forward-thinking production approaches, and reliable logistics systems underscore our dedication to elevating patient care and radiotherapeutic research.” The 4,000 square metre, facility, which will sit on 17,000 square metres of land, will serve as Full-Life’s production hub.