France’s Framatome has invested in a new separative capacity on its Jarrie site, reinforcing its production of high-quality hafnium and zirconium alloys for the nuclear, aerospace, defence and space industries. Hafnium is a derivative of nuclear grade zirconium production, widely used as an alloy in high-tech applications to improve advanced mechanical performance, especially at high temperatures. Its unique heat and corrosion resistance properties, make hafnium essential to the manufacture of components for nuclear reactors, aeronautical turbines, advanced defence systems and space equipment.

The Jarrie site is part of Framatome’s integrated zirconium component manufacturing chain for the final production of nuclear fuels through a unique extractive separation process. Lionel Gaiffe, Senior Executive Vice President at Framatome for the Fuel Business Unit said: “This strategic investment in our plant in Jarrie strengthens our ability to meet the growing needs of advanced industries such as nuclear, aeronautics, defence, space, medical and electronics. Our ambition is to strengthen our position as a reference both in France and on the international market.”

Image: Lionel Gaiffe, Framatome's Senior Executive Vice President for the company's Fuel Business Unit on a visit to the Jarrie site (courtesy of Framatome)