An expert group set up by Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom has deemed the planned BN-1200 fast reactor design to be “cost effective”, Ria Novosti reported on 7 June, quoting a representative of the Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plant Operation (VNIIAES).

The panel, which included several experts from Rosatom, the Kurchatov Institute and the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, recognised the competitiveness of the economic indicators of the project compared with advanced thermal reactors. Rosatom’ Scientific and Technical Council will now consider the report according to the VNIIAES spokesman.

In 2015, it was decided that the BN-1200 design needed to be improved to enable it to complete with thermal projects such as the Russian-designed VVER-TOI and the Westinghouse AP1000. Improvements were made in 2016  and 2017.

Experts consider that fast reactor should not operate on their own but in a two-component system combined with thermal reactors. Several new BN-1200 reactors have been proposed for  Beloyarsk 4 and a new South Urals nuclear power plant.