Photo: Atomenergomash has shipped the first equipment for Akkuyu steam turbine (Photo AEM)Russia’s AAEM Turbine Technologies and ZiO-Podolsk have manufactured the first equipment for the machine room at the Akkuyu nuclear plant under construction in Turkey.

More than 20 unique parts, weighing about 17.5t, have been shipped out of a total of more than 700, Rosatom's machine-building division Atomenergomash said.

AAEM (a joint venture of Atomenergomash and General Electric) has completed the design of condenser embedded parts for the plant. The equipment was manufactured by ZiO-Podolsk (part of Atomenergomash).

AAEM and ZiO-Podolsk are contracted to design and manufacture condensers, deaerators, moisture separator reheaters, low and high-pressure heaters for Akkuyu.

The AAEM joint venture was established in 2007 to complete the turbine rooms of Russian-designed NPPs using GE Arabelle steam turbine technology. Since 2017, AAEM has been implementing the project for the supply of turbine equipment for Akkuyu NPP.

The main equipment for the turbine island will be manufactured by GE Steam Power. This includes the half-speed Arabelle steam turbine, the four-pole GIGATOP turbogenerator and the condenser vacuum system equipment. The pumps, heat-exchange and other auxiliary equipment will be manufactured by Atomenergomash and its subsidiaries ZiO-Podolsk, CKBM, Ganz, ARAKO, ATM, CNIITMASH NPO.

Atomenergomash also announced that Petrozavodskmash had shipped steam generator collectors for Akkuyu NPP. The Petrozavodsk branch of AEM Technologies has shipped the first two steam generator collectors. In total, eight collector bodies are needed for Akkuyu 1&2 – two for each of the four steam generators.

Photo: Atomenergomash has shipped the first equipment for Akkuyu steam turbine (Photo AEM)