Russian company Orgenergostroy has completed a complex of engineering and geological surveys to develop design documentation for the construction of a low-power NPP (ASMM – Atomnoi Stantsii Maloi Moshnosti) in the village of Ust-Kuyga in Yakutia. This project is the first ground-based low-power NPP in Russia based on the latest RITM-200N reactor plant. The RITM-200 reactor unit was previously used on atomic icebreakers and nuclear submarines, and has been adapted for use in a low-power NPP on land.

The construction of a ASMM in the far north Ust-Kuyga settlement will contribute to the development of infrastructure and the creation of new jobs in Yakutia, as well as providing a stable energy supply for the development of the region’s natural resources, which will make it even more attractive for investment and development.

In 2023, Organergostroy successfully completed the full range of engineering and geological work at the facility, including drilling more than 700 wells, the total drilling exceeding 12 km. The timely provision of technical documentation to the customer will allow further design. In 2024, Orgenergostroy will continue work at the facility. This will include additional seismotectonic studies, as well as seismological and geodynamic monitoring of the environment during construction. The active phase of field work is scheduled for May to November 2024.

Image: Visualisation of the RITM-based small reactor installation planned for Yakutia (courtesy of Rosatom)