EDF has revised its 2022 nuclear output estimate from 300-30TWh to 295-315TWh. It added that the 2023 French nuclear output estimate, currently 340-370TWh, would be updated as soon as possible.

EDF said it is also investing in new technologies to support energy transition and aims to build a net zero energy future with electricity and innovative solutions and services  

EDF said its new output forecasts took into account known or suspected corrosion problems on 11 reactors. It said three — Chinon 3, Bugey 4 and Cattenom 3 — faced unscheduled shutdowns. Two reactors had shutdowns extended. Penly 1's shutdown would run to 31 October and Chooz 1’s until 31 December. 

Meanwhile, French Environment and Industry Transition Minister Barbara Pompili told Franceinfo on 8 February that EDF was due to send the government a first report on safety-related nuclear outages in March, adding: "I have asked EDF for an audit because too many reactors are halted."