EDF, on 26 June, announced the acquisition of Oreka Solutions, a company specialising in digital 3D simulation solutions for nuclear decommissioning. The EDF group, through its subsidiary EDF New Business, bought Oreka Solutions in May, becoming the majority shareholder with 89.7%. However the announcement was delayed until the World Nuclear Exhibition held in Paris from 26 to 28 June. "This acquisition allows EDF to continue its digital transformation," a company statement said. “This start-up enriches the EDF Group's offerings for decommissioning and radioactive waste management engineering and enables the Group to position itself as a leading European player in the nuclear decommissioning market."

Oreka Solutions has developed a digital tool, Demplus for Nuclear, which aims to optimise interventions in industrial and nuclear environment (maintenance, life-extension and dismantling) using 3D simulation, immersive and virtual realities as well as powerful calculation codes. The user has access to a virtual representation of his site. It can move an avatar (human or robot), simulate a series of operations (cutting, sanitation, transfer, entry or exit of equipment, etc.) or evaluate in real time the key indicators of a project (duration, quantity of waste to be extracted, total cost and safety of the workers).

"This acquisition is the result of a long process," said Luc Ardellier, who remains as director of Oreka Solutions. “EDF is moving more and more towards the digitalisation of its activities, and for our part, we are looking for an industrial partner because our innovative solution needs a prescriber. We will continue our operation in start-up mode, with the support of EDF."