Barakah 1&2 (credit; ENEC)South Korea’s Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction announced on 21 October that it had signed a routine preventive maintenance service agreement with Nawah Energy Company for unit 1 of the Barakah NPP.

Doosan entered into a long term maintenance services agreement with Barakah NPP operator Nawah  in 2019 for units 1-4, and the new contract forms part of the services agreed in the preceding contract.

From April to June 2022, Doosan will be inspecting the main components, including the turbine and generator, of unit 1, which is now in operation. Once Barakah units 1-4 all enter into commercial operation, scheduled maintenance will be regularly performed on each unit and routine preventive maintenance will be performed 2-3 times every year.

“By leveraging the know-how we acquired on manufacturing and supplying the main components for the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant, which was Korea’s first nuclear power plant export, we aim to successfully perform the maintenance services and thereby do our utmost to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Barakah Plant,” said Hongook Park, CEO of Doosan Heavy’s Power Services Business Group.

Photo: Barakah 1&2 (credit; ENEC)