Installation of the dome on the reactor building of unit 3 at China's Xudabao NPP under construction in Liaoning province was completed in a single operation. Previously this had required two stages.

Image courtesy of CNNC

“This unique technological operation … made it possible to optimise the process and lift the dome 188 days ahead of schedule," said Alexey Bunik, vice president for projects in China and promising projects at Russia’s Atomstroyexport. “The dome weighing 740 tonnes, fully assembled on the ground, was raised by a crane and put on the reactor building in one manoeuvre.” He added: “I am sure that the effective joint work of Russian and Chinese specialists will allow the implementation of the Xudabao NPP project exactly on schedule.”

The next step will be the concreting work inside and outside the domed part of the reactor building, the construction of the overpass and the installation of large-sized equipment. This will be carried out using a polar crane, installed at the facility in mid-July.

In June 2018, Russia and China signed four agreements for the construction of two VVER-1200 reactors as units 7&8 at the Tianwan NPP and two more to be built as units 3&4 at the new Xudabao NPP site in Huludao. Further agreements signed in June 2019 included a general contract for the construction Xudabao 3&4, as well as a contract for the supply of nuclear fuel. The power units are expected to be commissioned in 2027-2028.