Indications of damaged fuel have been detected at unit 1 of Finland’s Olkiluoto NPP (OL1), as a result of which the power level of the plant unit will be reduced to 65% on 7 July, according to plant operator Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO).

At this power level, the damaged fuel will be localised. The increase of the power level will start on the same day and full power is expected to be reached on 8 July. Then on 10 July measures will be started to bring the plant unit to a shutdown in order to remove the damaged fuel elements and the plant unit will be disconnected from the national grid. Electricity generation is expected to resume on 16 July.

TVO did not indicate the cause of the damage.

Olkiluoto 2 suffered similar fuel damage in 2019.

Image: The Olkiluoto nuclear power plant (photo courtesy of TVO)