The delivery of automation cabinets for unit 1 of Russia’s Kursk-II NPP has been completed. Electrical equipment supplier, the All-Russian Research Institute of Relay Engineering (VNIIR), which is part of the ABS Electro group of companies, delivered automatic cabinets and control cabinets for 330 kV switchgear of the ShRT series. This makes possible the collection of data on the state of electrical equipment, registering emergency events, and relaying commands from remote and automatic control. VNIIR also supplied auxiliaries DC switchboards of the ShSN 1250 series. They are designed to receive and distribute electrical energy, protect against overloads and short circuits, monitor voltage and insulation resistance during system operation. VNIIR specialists will also carry out work on the adjustment of the equipment delivered to the facility.

Kursk II is being built near the village of Makarovka in the Kurchatov district of the Kursk region as a replacement station for the currently operating Kursk NPP. The commissioning of power unit 1 is scheduled for the end of 2025. Kursk-II 1&2 are being built according to the VVER-TOI project (standard optimised informatised pressurised water power reactor), which is a development of the VVER-1200 reactor design with increased capacity and improved technical and economic indicators. They will replace the four RBMK units at the existing Kursk NPP.

Image courtesy of Rosenergoatom