India’s largest nuclear power plant, Kudankulam 1, a 1000 MW VVER-1000 reactor entered commerical operation at the end of 2014.

The reactor, which was built by Russia’s AtomStroyExport began construction in March 2002, reached first criticality in July 2013 and was connected to the grid in October 2013.

The unit reached full power in June 2014, but was taken off the grid in October for turbine inspection and repair. It resumed operation in early December and entered commercial operation at midnight on 31 December, operator Nuclear Power Corporation of India said.

Output from Kudankulam 1 is being supplied to India’s southern grid and the states of Tamil Nadu (56%), Karnataka (22%), Kerala (13%), Andhra Pradesh (5%)and Puducherry (3%). The reactor turbine generator had been in operation for 5266 hours as of the end of 2014.