Launch of  Atlantic Clean Energy AllianceCanadian firms, academics, and public-sector organisations have come together to launch the Atlantic Clean Energy Alliance, based in New Brunswick, Canada.

The aim of the alliance is to look at developing clean energy technology in New Brunswick, according to Colleen d’Entremont, president of the Atlantica Centre for Energy, which is part of the alliance.

Collectively the group is working towards meeting the challenge of satisfying 2050 global emissions reduction targets, a statement said. 

Members include the University of New Brunswick, Moltex Energy, ARC Nuclear Canada, NB Power, the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development, Opportunities New Brunswick, and Economic Development Greater Saint John. 

ARC and Moltex have already set up offices in New Brunswick, in their effort to develop small modular reactors (SMRs).

“The province is well-positioned as the centre for development of fourth-generation small modular reactors," d’Entremont said.

In December, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Ontario signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of SMR technology in Canada.