China’s Sanmen NPP in Zhejiang province is to supply steam to the Rongsheng Taizhou New Material project with an annual output of 10m tonnes. The agreement was signed by China National Nuclear Power Corporation (CNNC) subsidiary Sanmen Nuclear Power Company, Taizhou Haitou Group, the Linhai Municipal Government, the Sanmen County Government and Rongsheng New Materials (Taizhou) Company. The project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2026, supplying 1,800 tonnes of steam per hour. CNNC said it would be the largest nuclear energy steam supply project in China.

The two Westinghouse AP1000 units of Phase I at the Sanmen plant (units 1&2) started operation in 2018. Two CAP1000 reactors – the Chinese version of the AP1000 – are being constructed as Phase II of the plant (units 3&4). Other heating projects in China are based on the Qinshan NPP in Zhejiang province, the Haiyang NPP in Shandong province and the Tianwan plant in Jiangsu province.

Image: Sanmen units 1 and 2 (courtesy of CNNC)