Paul Garrad, EDF Head of Supply Chain, and James Ewence, Cavendish Nuclear’s EDF and Fusion Business Director, signed the Lifetime Enterprise Agreement .Cavendish Nuclear will continue to provide complex engineering support for the UK fleet of nuclear power stations following renewal of the Lifetime Enterprise Agreement (LEA) with EDF Energy.

Re-signing the agreement protects key knowledge and facilities for the future and incentivises performance and delivery, Cavendish said.

Capabilities secured include the Whetstone advanced assembly and test facility in Leicester, which has an essential role in developing and supplying reactor protection, graphite monitoring, fuel route equipment and other services to EDF. It also secures a team to provide bespoke nuclear grade components and mitigate obsolescence risks, and safety, quality and technical leadership across all of EDF Energy's operational sites and facilities.

These changes complement long-term arrangements already in place with EDF to further secure the necessary capability to safely operate the UK's advanced-cool reactor (AGR) fleet and the single pressurised water reactor at Sizewell.

The LEA was signed by Paul Garrad, head of supply chain at EDF Energy and James Ewence, Cavendish Nuclear’s EDF and Fusion business director.

“This refreshed approach, building on the firm foundations of the LEA between EDF and Cavendish Nuclear, sets us up to deliver safer, faster and at lower cost for EDF, maximising safe, low carbon generation from the UK’s Nuclear Generation fleet," Ewence said.

Photo: Paul Garrad, EDF head of supply chain, and James Ewence, Cavendish Nuclear’s EDF and fusion business director, signed the Lifetime Enterprise Agreement in September