Camfil France, working with MC Air Filtration UK, announced it has won a significant order to supply filtration packages for the new EPRs under construction at Hinkley Point C in Somerset.

The first package comprises 20 air intake systems to supply clean air with some units handling air flows up to 100,000 cubic metres per hour. The second package includes around 100 nuclear containment housings accommodating more than 400 high-performance HEPA filters. The third package involves 30 gas-phase adsorption systems handling air flows up to 40,000 cubic metres per hour.

The scope of Camfil's contract covers all aspects of design, development, manufacturing, testing and supply.

Camfil has been providing nuclear particulate and gas-phase filtration equipment to the nuclear industry since the 1960s and has experience from 90 plants around the world.

M.C. Air Filtration Ltd, based in Kent, is one of Britain’s leading designers and manufacturers of HEPA filters, gaseous filters and associated filtration systems.