Bruce nuclear power plant (credit: Bruce Power)US-based BWX Technologies (BWXT) is to supply four moderator heat exchangers to Canada’s Bruce Power under a contract valued at roughly CAD40 million ($31m).

The contract will be executed by BWXT Canada Ltd at its Cambridge, Ontario facility. It involves engineering and fabrication of moderator heat exchangers — large components that remove heat from the moderator system of CANDU reactors.  

Engineering work associated with the contract has started, with fabrication expected to begin later this year. The first two moderator heat exchangers will be delivered in 2024, with the remaining two units scheduled for delivery in 2025, BWXT said. 

“These components are designed for reliable, long-term operation to help Bruce Power continue to provide Ontario with non-emitting, stable and cost-effective electricity for many years to come,” said John MacQuarrie, president of BWXT’s Nuclear Power Group.

“This contract, along with several others we have with Bruce Power, is sustaining a very significant number of highly skilled jobs for our Cambridge operations.”   

The eight CANDU pressurised heavy-water reactors located at the Bruce site (Bruce A – units 1-4, and Bruce B – units 4-8) began commercial operation between 1977 and 1987. Bruce Power is currently proceeding with a CAD13 billion ($10 billion) Life Extension Programme, which aims to extend the life of the site until 2064. Work began in January 2020 at Bruce 6, and is due to start at Bruce 3 in 2023 and Bruce 4 in 2025. 

Photo: Bruce nuclear power plant (credit: Bruce Power)