Photo: Belarus NPP achieved criticality in 2020 (Credit: Rosatom)The government of Belarus on 2 February approved the National Action Plan to implement the recommendations and proposals of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) mission on a comprehensive assessment of the development of the nuclear energy infrastructure in Belarus (INIR 3).

"The plan was formed in accordance with the methodology recommended by the IAEA, taking into account the proposals of the Belarusian organisations involved in the implementation of the nuclear energy programme," the press service of the Energy Ministry noted.

The IAEA mission for an integrated assessment of the development of nuclear energy infrastructure took place in Belarus in February and March 2020.

As a result, a group of agency experts presented a report containing recommendations and proposals for the further development of the national nuclear energy infrastructure.

They are aimed at strengthening the legal framework in the field of nuclear energy, improving the integrated management system of the operating organisation and the regulatory body, developing a concept for ensuring maintenance of the Belarus  nuclear power plant.

“Work on the implementation of the received recommendations began in Belarus before the receipt of the official report of the IAEA on the results of the mission. Some of them have already been completed,” the press service explained.

Photo: Belarus NPP achieved criticality in 2020 (Credit: Rosatom)