Unit 1 at the Belarusian NPP was put into scheduled preventive maintenance and partial refuelling on 27 April. As part of the planned work, the reactor plant equipment will be repaired, including steam generators, pressure compensator, main circulation pumps and a turbogenerator, as well as metal inspection and diagnostics of welded joints of the reactor equipment and pipelines of systems important for the safety of the power unit. Unit 1, a VVER-1200 supplied by Rosatom, began commercial operation in June 2021 since when it has generated 9.3 TWh.

Meanwhile, preparations for the physical launch of unit 2, also a VVER-1200, are continuing. "The programme of work within the stage of the physical start-up of the unit is a long process and is still ongoing. It provides for a wide range of various tests of technological systems… Specialists still have a lot of work," a press release from the Belarus Energy Ministry said.