Atkins has announced that it will deliver a capital investment programme for nuclear fuel cycle company URENCO UK.

URENCO is investing in plant and site upgrades, as well as new facilities as part of the programme, which is expected to be completed ‘within ten years,’ Atkins says.

The companies will form a ‘strategic partnership’ that aims to accelerate the delivery of the programme. Atkins will offer engineering and project management support.

"Having worked closely with URENCO for the last two years under the initial framework for this programme, we have established an excellent working relationship locally," commented Chris Ball, managing director of nuclear at Atkins.

Atkins began working with URENCO UK in March 2011, undertaking building condition surveys and operational assessments of some buildings on the Capenhurst site. It was subsequently awarded a competitive tender for completing the reference design for a proposed extension to one of URENCO Uk’s Enrichment Facilities. Atkins is now heavily involved in all areas of UUKs project and programme delivery

"The close working relationships between our teams locally is an important component to our new contract as not only are we delivering the engineering and design side of things, but also helping URENCO establish systems and procedures for the ongoing management of project delivery and operations," says Ball.

Mobilisation is well under way, both at the Capenhurst site and within Atkins. The work could see Atkins’ URENCO-dedicated team double in size from 30 to 60 within the next 12 months, according to Ball.

Brian Robinson, head of technical services, URENCO commented: "Atkins already has proven technical and project management expertise in the nuclear arena but their ability to work with URENCO as truly collaborative partners for the long term is what is most important to us with a programme of this scale."

Photo: Prof Dr Uwe Krueger, Atkins’ CEO (left) and Helmut Engelbrecht, URENCO CEO, join force to deliver URENCO’s Capital Investment Programme.