Brazil-based ARCADIS Logos has won a EUR21 million contract from Eletrobras Termonuclear to provide engineering consulting services for the Angra 3 nuclear power plant under construction in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The scope of work to be performed over the 36-month contract includes technical services during completion of the plant as well as monitoring of inspection and testing.

At the peak of the activities, ARCADIS says that 70 of its professionals will be active on the jobsite.

ARCADIS Logos has worked at the Angra site since the early 1970s, when it provided construction management services for Angra 1. In 2010, the company returned to provide project management and technical support to Eletrobras during the implementation of Angra 3.

Last November, AREVA signed a contract worth EUR 1.25 billion for the completion of the construction for the 1405 MW Angra 3 pressurised water reactor. The reactor is expected to be completed by 2018.

Photo: Angra 1 nuclear power plant