ARC Clean Energy Canada (ARC Canada) and Canadian engineering firm Hatch have announced a teaming agreement for the deployment of ARC Canada’s advanced small modular reactor (aSMR) technology. The agreement supports a plan to deploy the clean technology in New Brunswick before the end of the decade.

“Leveraging the proven technology of EBR-II, the ARC Canada technology is positioned to be an integral part of the adoption of SMRs needed to transform the energy market with an economically competitive and environmentally responsible energy technology solution,” said, Hatch Global Managing Director of Energy Robert Francki.

Hatch is supporting ARC Canada with engineering technology and capabilities to design ARC Canada’s power plants in a fully digital format. A focus on modular design to maximise factory production and scalability to minimise on-site construction time is an important part of the implementation plan. Hatch is also playing a key role in the integration of ARC Canada’s advanced technology for heavy industry using high-quality process heat which includes the optimisation of the technology for clean hydrogen and ammonia production.

“Hatch’s experience in the Canadian and US nuclear industry, along with broader expertise in project delivery and commercialising technologies, makes them ideal to support ARC Canada’s deployment schedule in New Brunswick within the decade,” said ARC Canada President & CEO, William P Labbe Jr. “Together, ARC Canada and Hatch will provide a clean energy solution that will reshape the delivery of power plants.”

Image: Visualisation of ARC Canada's aSMR plant (photo courtesy of ARC Canada)