ANSTO has developed the CORIS360 radiation imaging solution (Credit; ANSTO)

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) announced that scientists had created a new portable device that can pinpoint the exact location of radiation sources, faster and more accurately than ever before.

The  new CORIS360™ technology has enormous potential in a range of fields including national security, customs, decommissioning of old reactors and nuclear operations, ANSTO noted.

CORIS360 produces fast, precise and high-quality 360-degree images that identify the location, type and amount of radiation in an area. It was designed, developed and is being commercialised by ANSTO and was launched at the 2020 IEEE International Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference in Boston, USA.

Acting ANSTO CEO Shaun Jenkinson said: “There are many Australian industries that can benefit from CORIS360™ including mining and minerals, health, border security and defence, and the wider nuclear industry globally.” He added that it will improve worker safety and operational decision making for anyone working in a radiation environment.

The device is the brainchild of Dr David Boardman, principal scientist and chief technology officer, ANSTO Detection & Imaging. He explained that CORIS360™ works by harnessing compressed sensing technology, which is comparable to directly taking a compressed photo with a camera, rather than taking a photo and then using JPEG compression to reduce the file size.

“This technology has never been applied to nuclear safety before. By using compressed sensing technology, we can work faster, creating a safer operating environment for workers,” Boardman said. “The system is portable and simple to use, it takes two minutes to set up and can be operated remotely once in place. The images are clear and easy to interpret. The fact it is remotely-operated is particularly important. This means that personnel can minimise time spent in any potentially radioactive environments.”

ANSTO’s executive officer Detection & Imaging, Rosanne Robinson, said this is the culmination of seven-years of research and development from idea to product. “CORIS360™ acquires images with up to ten times fewer samples than traditional methods, delivering significant savings in time, money, resources and improving employee safety,” she noted.

 Photo: ANSTO has launched the CORIS360 radiation imaging solution (Credit: ANSTO)