An official International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certificate handover ceremony has been held at the Akkuyu NPP construction site in Turkiye confirming compliance of Akkuyu Nukleer’s management system with ISO standards. Akkuyu Nukleer (part of Rosatom is the project company implementing construction of the Akkuyu NPP at Mersin on the Mediterranean coast. ISO certificates are a requirement of both the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of Türkiye and Rosatom.

Independent certification audit was conducted by Kalitest, a certification body accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (Türkak). During the certification audit, the company's activities were checked with respect to all processes of the integrated management system at the stages of design, construction-and-installation and start-up-and-adjustment works management at Akkuyu NPP. Auditors reviewed about 250 documents and conducted interviews with 70 managers and employees of Akkuyu Nukleer.

Based on the audit results, Kalitest representatives noted the company's strong points, including assurance of succession and efficient application of positive practices of Rosatom State Corporation management systems; efficient development of applying nuclear industry safety regulations to various processes; commitment to compliance with the legislative requirements of the Republic of Türkiye; achievement of a high maturity level of the company's integrated management system through engagement of process owners in achieving the established objectives.

Akkuyu Nukleer First Deputy Director for NPP Construction Sergei Butskikhsaid the project company had completed the certification procedure in 2020, when the integrated management system's compliance with the requirements of ISO standards was confirmed. “In 2023, we needed to complete the re-certification procedure, as well as our first certification procedure in regard to compliance with the requirements of international standard ISO 19443:2018 – specific requirements for the application of ISO 9001:2015 by organisations in the supply chain… supplying products and services important to nuclear safety, which had been implemented in the company in 2022.

He added that the certification was “a task of strategic importance for the year of 2023” included in Rosatom’s Plan for Nuclear Infrastructure Improvement in the Republic of Türkiye for the Benefit of Akkuyu NPP Construction Project, “and we have successfully completed the task”. Certificates of conformity issued to the company are valid till 2026, subject to positive results of annual audits.