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Finland’s Steady Energy to start construction of SMR pilot plant

The construction of the first operational plant is projected to begin by 2028, with the first unit expected to be operational by 2030

Analysing societal polarisation in the nuclear energy industry

By fostering informed dialogue and understanding, it is possible to bridge the divide and develop balanced, sustainable energy policies that include nuclear power as a viable option for the future

Interstate armed conflict and its implications on the nuclear energy industry

As the geopolitical landscape evolves, so too must the strategies and policies governing the nuclear energy sector, ensuring its resilience and sustainability in an increasingly complex world

Combatting economic downturns in the nuclear energy industry

As the world navigates economic cycles, the nuclear energy sector must remain vigilant and proactive in addressing the multifaceted impacts of economic downturns

Extreme weather events and the nuclear energy industry: Challenges and adaptations

Extreme weather events pose significant challenges to the nuclear energy industry, impacting plant operations, safety, and reliability