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Audits and the waste data trail

The layered system of governance for nuclear materials generates huge volumes of data across multiple stakeholders in multiple jurisdictions. Now, blockchain technology may help to address a major data challenge faced by the nuclear industry.

INL’s microreactor: A MARVEL machine

The MARVEL microreactor is on a fast track to development at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) where it will be the point of the spear on advanced microreactor deployment.

The case for a nuclear Kazakhstan

As the world shifts towards clean and sustainable energy, Kazakhstan stands on the cusp of a significant move into nuclear energy. President Tokayev has suggested a national referendum to gauge the country’s position on building a nuclear power plant (NPP), setting the stage for an in-depth discussion about our energy trajectory.

Nuclear’s pursuit of synfuels

With the clock ticking in the run up to net zero emissions, synfuels are seen as a key plank in the energy transition. What role can nuclear play in the production of synfuels?

Nuclear safety in time of crisis or war

Nuclear facilities can make tempting targets for combatants during periods of conflict and the on-going hostilities in Ukraine bring those fears to the fore. To date, reactor containments have not been deliberately targeted in Ukraine or Russia, but those nations with a nuclear development programme would be wise to consider the possibility.

Fueling India’s nuclear growth

India has outlined a bold vision for a decarbonized future. Certainly renewable capacity has grown dramatically and much more is anticipated. But, given the variability conundrum much more nuclear power is required too.

A decade of progress

Accident tolerant fuel technologies are designed to provide additional safety and response time in case of an incident at a nuclear power plant. What progress has been made after ten years? NEI reports